My son Coby began attending Buzz Martial Arts as a docile 6 year old.  The owner, Mr. B, gave him a trial lesson to be sure my son was comfortable.  He began attending 3 to 4 days per week and loved it more than any after school activity he has done before or since.  At the end of every summer he is so excited to return from camp to Buzz Martial Arts classes.  The lessons of discipline and self defense have given my son confidence, endurance, and washboard abs.  He is still a docile boy but he has twice been faced with a physical confrontation where his martial arts training was impressively engaged to PREVENT a fight.  We moved from the upper east side to Westchester when he was 9 and enrolled him at a seemingly fine local martial arts school.  His enthusiasm waned.  I asked him why and he said, “its just not Buzz”.  He is now almost 12 and virtually every week I bring Coby from Westchester to attend classes at Buzz Martial Arts.  He is happy as ever.  I highly recommend Buzz Martial Arts whether your child aspires to become a black belt tournament competitor or just wants to exercise and have fun.  Mr. B gives equal attention to his aggressive teenaged black belt students as the 5 and 6 year old boys and girls who are just beginners.  He treats the children with respect and teaches them to treat each other with respect.

Bryan R. Scarsdale, NY


Great school for kids. My family and I are extremely happy. Great place for kids to build their confidence. Great place!

Tommy L. Manhattan, NY


I have been training at Buzz Martial Arts for going on 6 years now I know that this is the place to be. Our Teachers Mr.B,Mrs.Kim and,Mr.Mark are excellent teachers. You lean what to do if someone picks on you or bullies you We spar ,grapple ,do obstacle courses,and much more.They also host the coolest parties ever.It is so different from all the other schools cause of how we train.If you need a place to be come here.IT’S AWESOME!!!

Mona D. Manhattan, NY


Buzz Martial Arts is great. I starred last year but it is way better than Korea. Our teachers ( Mr.B, Mrs. Kim, Mr.Marc) are all very serious. We also learn to protect our selves when a bully comes and gets you. My two favorite things are sparring and obstacle. All of my friends tell me the Halloween party is going to be so scary.Mr.Dino is going to play soccer with us and give us pizza. Our school rocks!

Nathalie L.Jersey City, NJ


I’ve been training at Buzz Martial Arts for over four years now. I know for sure that the instructor Mr.B with other instructors such as Ms. Kim and Mark have us do training that no other martial arts school would do. We don’t only practice tae kwon do and its techniques, but we also practice doing sparring, take downs, grappling, and other training that involves fighting. This is what makes Buzz Martial Arts very unique and different from other martial art schools, because of the training and teaching that happens every time the school is open. Not only the training and teaching is what makes Buzz Martial Arts significant and impressing, but also the fun events that occur. For instance, there’s Mr.B’s father Mr. Dino who teaches the students of  The BMA Soccer Club every Saturday afternoon. Another example is the Halloween Party that always occurs every year in late October in which the kids are all looking forward to it. Practically, no other martial school can possibly be as significant and great as Buzz Martial Arts.

Forget any other karate after school place this is the place to be!

Allen D. Manhattan, NY


Best experience in martial arts ever hands down this dude is the truth  authentic  martial arts instruction knowledgefull and energetic and so passionate about his teachings buzz maintains the peak standard of how many martial arts dojo should be run this guy doesn’t care for cash all he desires is dedicated students  I trained with him for several years and after alot of hard work and effort i earned my black belt .I never forget all he has taught me. The life lessons still resonate with me today  incredible with children  super fun yet still maintaining a serious vibe.Make no mistake this is not a program for everybody just take one class the training is very extreme at the end of the hour you will understand only the strong survive three thumbs up

John B. Brooklyn, NY


My son Tommaso has been attending BMA since 8 months now and i can only tell good things about Buzz Martial Arts. Instructors are very professional and they do not teach only Tae Kwon Do but also disciplne to the kids. I strongly suggest BMA.

Stefano D. Manhattan, NY


Buzz Martial Arts is a great place for both kids and adults.  My whole family trains with Mr. B and they love it.  The kids always look forward to the next class.  Mr. B teaches them technique, form, endurance, and most important – discipline and sportsmanship.  The studio also makes a strong emphasis on teaching self-defense.  Everybody who works there is friendly and helpful and they are wonderful with children.

Veryev F.Manhattan, NY


Started at Buzz Martial Arts a few  months ago. Heard of the school and met the instructor through the kids i worked with in UES NYC at that time who were taking martial classes with him and they loved it. I got to sit in one class to watch and it seemed a lot of fun! I was amazed to see how the instructor had the kids under control and besides teaching them physical fitness and martial art techniques the kids learn discipline, and respect for each other as well which is really important in today’s world! The instructor was strict and had a fun way to get the kids to follow instructions and they seemed to enjoy it very much indeed (..like screaming certain korean words out loud at the same time)! The children were eager to learn self defense techniques with each other (they thought “its sooo cool”). I also observed that it helped kids with developing a stronger self-confidence which is also an important factor nowadays amongst children).

To the suggestions to my little ones that “i should try it too, its so much fun”, i gave it a try and i liked it!! I did have some previous martial experience (from a long time ago) and forgot how much fun it is. You get a good physical training, techniques to defend yourself, sparring, forms, and learn principles like integrity, spirit, focus, breath control, concentration, self confidence etc.

Real martial art is NOT just about “physical fighting”! Not at all! If you watch real martial art movies, it is actually about developing a mind-body-spirit connection/balance, strengthening your mind and your body.

I got tired of my gym time anyway and this is sooooo much more interesting and so much more fun then just lifting weights in a gym. Plus you get to work out with others, in a fun (sometimes competitive way, which i like b/c i grew up doing sports and competing in school).

i highly recommend it to anyone for getting stronger, loosing weight, learning self defense or whatever reason you might or might not have. Just do it! give it a try! 🙂

Kat U. Manhattan, NY


My son Tommaso has been attending BMA since 8 months now and i can only tell good things about Buzz Martial Arts. Instructors are very professional and they do not teach only Tae Kwon Do but also disciplne to the kids. I strongly suggest BMA.

Stefano D. Manhattan, NY


I’ve trained here for the better part of the last ten years and had the honor of contributing as a volunteer instructor at various points in that period, and to be perfectly honest: it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life!

This school is a community and it has the ability to make leaders out of dedicated students and allow the cycle of the martial arts to continue. The staff is passionate about the art and always trying to find new ways to keep their school community involved and invigorated.

Regardless of what you wish to accomplish, you WILL do it (and more) by training here and putting in the time and patience.

Mario B.Manhattan, NY


I’ve been training at BMA for 2 years and working there for 1. Being a very athletically inclined person, I have dabbled in just about every form of movement from Dance to Pilates but have never found a place like this. This school is more than just a place to work/workout , it’s become a second home to me.

Kim S. Manhattan, NY


My son and I have been training at Buzz Martial Arts for a little over a year now and I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to strengthen both their body and their mind, and have fun in the process. My 6 year old son and I love it!

Before starting at Buzz I had two years of karate training that was pretty sub-par compared to what I’m learning now. At Buzz you spar, train spar, learn, spar, work-out, spar. You actually learn how to use what the head instructor Buzz teaches you. Very effective!

Looking back over the last year I can tell that I’ve improved dramatically.  In terms of technical skill I’ve gone from practically non-existent to feeling like I have a very solid base of all around basic defensive skills. Physically I was already in pretty good shape and an avid gym-goer, but in addition to maintaining and refining my strength I have also increased substantially in muscle endurance.  And one of the nice side effects of martial arts training is that your muscles get way more toned and defined.

If you’re interested in training in martial arts on the UES of NYC…. Buzz Martial Arts is the place to go for all ages.

John S. Manhattan, NY



My son has been attending Buzz Martial Arts for many years. The head instructor, Buzz, sets the tone for the school which is very professional and great fun. he is inspirational and the kids love him and the other instructors. My son loves it and I would strongly recommend this school to anyone and everyone.

Em W. Manhattan, NY



I enrolled my 4 year old daughter in this school and she loves it. She has learned a lot in a short period of time. Buzz is a an amazing instructor. He has patience and is tough which is what kids need. All his students admire & respect him. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in learning martial arts or anyone that wants to get in shape fast !

Michelle J. New York, NY